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"Going to Scouts is really fun because we get to play loads of games and we do fun activities like canoeing and archery."

"I always enjoy the games we play, even if I never heard of them before. I like the company of the other scouts, I love the campfires, I enjoy camping."

"I enjoy Scouts because you get to play fun games and sometimes go in the forest or outside. I enjoy finding new people to play with and making friends. I also enjoy having campfires in the forest."

"Scouts is fun because of the adventure aspect. You learn survival skills and make memories to last a lifetime. Climbing, archery and games nights are a few of the things I really enjoy in Scouts."

"Scouting is an experience in itself, from camping to archey and games nights. Every activity is sure to create lasting memories and give you life skills forever."

"Activities and sports are fun and going in the woods, you can eat marshmallows on the weeks we have a fire."

"What I love about Scouts:
1. The activities - we do a lot of fun activities and games.
2. Skills - you can learn a bunch of really good skills like map reading and shooting.
3. Camping - we go on a lot of fun camping trips to really fun places.
4. The scouts and leaders - when you join scouts you can make a lot of new friends and a whole family."

"What I enjoy about Scouts is exploring new places, the camping, I also like to be creative in things. I like the places we go such as laser tag and camps. I like all the active games and learning new things such as how to tie differenk knots, I also like kayaking when they take us."

"I enjoy scouts because of the activities. Canoeing, camping, cooking in the woods, things that you wouldn't get a chance to do in other places. Scouts has taught me many new skills. Knot tying is really useful in a lot of places and other skills like map reading and fire lighting are great things to know in the outdoors. I've made loads of new friends at scouts. Everyone is really nice and I've always felt very welcome."

We meet every Friday during School terms at the Albury Hut on Stapenhill Road from 7.00 until 9.00.

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Paul on 07910 542636
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