What are Beaver Scouts?

Beaver Scouts are young people who are six or seven years old.

The earliest you can join Beaver Scouts is three months before your sixth birthday.

Easily recognised by their distinctive turquoise sweatshirts, Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others. We meet together every Thursday, from 6.15pm until 7.30pm, during school term time at the Albury Hut on Stapenhill Road.

The Beaver Scout programme is full of fun and activities, guided by our badge scheme and there's always something new to learn and enjoy. Whatever they do, the Beavers have fun doing it!

Fiona, with the help of Sarah and Helen, runs the Beaver colony so that the Beavers get up to all sorts of exciting things.

For more information contact Helen at beavers@stapenhillscouts.co.uk

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